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Our vision is to create a better world through education, integrity and cultural understanding.

Stern and Kay Hospitality Company is an organisation, providing capacity development and connecting exceptional talents with companies. Our clients range from Profit to non-profit organisations

We are a solutions provider for training, development and staffing needs of front and back-of-house needs of hospitality organisations. At Stern & Kay Hospitality, we are constantly extending our range of services and expanding our reach to better serve our clients. We provide employees and potential employees of the hospitality industry with new training and development opportunities to help them be give their best.

In addition, we partner with various organisations in the hospitality industry to help make a difference.


To provide present and future hospitality industry leaders with the knowledge, practical training, leadership and multicultural skills necessary to succeed in today’s global economy while fostering international goodwill and friendship.

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Hospitality Management

Catering Courses

Hospitality Operations

Health, Hygiene & Safety

Personal Grooming

Etiquette and Manners

Customer Service

Communication skills


Our Hospitality training programme is poised, to motivate and inspire employees to deliver excellent service, and achieve an amazing hospitality attitude. The Training is a full-service education platform that incorporates customer service training with motivation and communication.

Our certificate courses provide participants with a strong hospitality foundation while inspiring and teaching work ethics, cultural understanding and leadership skills needed to function effectively.


Outsourcing is a very important tool for reducing costs and improving quality in any organisation. Stern and Kay Hospitality Company, is set to provide staffing services for organisations who wish to avail themselves of this services.

We can outsource the following:

  • Front desk personnel
  • Customer service personnel
  • Ushers
  • Waiters and waitresses